What is ACES for Bullying Prevention?

ACES for Bullying Prevention is an Alliance of credentialed individuals and educational, private, and non-profit organizations dedicated to the effective and responsible development of anti-bullying programs in schools in New Jersey. Many of the individuals and organizations who have partnered to form ACES have been involved in various aspects of bullying and bias prevention in New Jersey schools for years, and are using ACES as a venue to offer free expert guidance to schools.

ACES for Bullying Prevention was formed in response to the needs of schools for reliable information in the wake of the passage of the Students’ Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.  Our goal is to provide high quality information about recommended methods for preventing and responding to bullying and bias to personnel in K-12 schools, enabling school personnel to avoid common mistakes, and to distinguish legitimate approaches, programs, and service providers from inappropriate or partial approaches, thereby facilitating school efforts to use limited resources wisely to select services, and/or adopt or develop in-house programs, to address bullying and bias effectively, in compliance with New Jersey law.

This is a volunteer, not-for-profit effort on the part of the individuals and organizations involved; ACES has no paid staff members, and ACES as an entity does not provide referrals or any other direct services to schools. If you are interested in any of the services offered by any member organizations of ACES, please contact those organizations directly. You may find links to member and contributing organization websites on the "ACES Partners" page of this website.

The ACES Resource Guide is the first project of ACES for Bullying Prevention. Additional projects, and the development of new resources to meet schools' growing needs for strategies and tools to address bullying and bias are planned for the future.

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